Friday, 30 June 2017

Suzy dog ....

Well, its embarrassing how long ago I last posted/visited Blogger

We were away for 5 weeks and internet access is not so good so I tend to stick to checking emails and the dreaded FB.    We run a FB page for long term property rentals in Fuerteventura and need to stay in touch with owners and wannabe tenants.  

I'm afraid artwork has taken a back seat

Anyway, its ages since I've drawn anything and as a friend pointed out, my last foray onto Blogger was in April so I thought I'd better get my backside into gear - or at least tackle a drawing before I totally lose my confidence.

This little dog belongs to a friend in Fuerteventura - I photographed her (Suzy) last month and decided she'd make a nice subject for the pastels.    This was a 'quickie' as I intend to give it to Suzy's owner next week, I think I spent around 5 hours on it during the last couple of days.   I'm not entirely happy with it - foolishly I sprayed it was fixative to ensure it survives air travel and I should have known better as lighter colours/white always soak into the pastelmat when fixed so need to be refreshed afterwards.

This is Suzy, in pastels on Pastelmat paper and she was drawn 10" x 7" to fit a mount/dusky pink frame which I have at home and which will complement my friend's newly decorated lounge!


  1. I knew it was a lot better than you said it was. This is precious and I know your friend will be thrilled with it,

  2. You haven't lost your touch Sue! She's beautiful...and it almost looks like a photograph. Your friend will forever treasure this portrait!!!

  3. A lovely little picture of Suzy. I am sure your friend will be delighted.

    Nice to see you back if only for a short time. I guess if you move to Fuerte permanently we will hardly ever see you.

  4. Thanks Ladies. I'm still not happy with the picture but have framed it now ready to go in hand luggage with me next week. Its a surprise so I hope she'll like it.

    We've no plans to move to Fuerte permanently Jo (well unless things change drastically following Brexit). David doesn't want to be tax resident there ... we just have to make sure we aren't there for more than 6 months each year. Suex

  5. Suzy is very nie and soft looking, lovely gift for your friend :)

  6. Thanks Jennifer. I overworked it a bit ... out of practice as I haven't done much artwork this year so need to get back on track now. Thanks for commenting and hope you're feeling a bit better now? Suex

  7. I'm surviving lol, thank you for asking
    I don't think its overworked, but you have it right in front of you so might see something we can't :) you've been busy, but hopefully get to create more art now :)

  8. Looks great Sue, whatever the fixative did to it it really doesn't show. I don't use it for that reason but I understand that sometimes you just have to resort to using it :-( I am sure your friend will be absolutely thrilled with it.

  9. Hi Sue. She looks beautiful, her owner Will be so happy :)


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