Saturday, 6 August 2016

06/08: 'PLAYING'

David was out for the day yesterday so I had a little play on a scrap piece of brown pastelmat paper.

It does seem as though the Polychromos pencils are 'leeching' into the soft surface but the advantage of working on Pastelmat is that the coloured pencil can be 'smudged' easily with a piece of kitchen towel or a cotton bud and so large areas can be covered quickly.  I've sprayed with fixative to get a little more 'tooth' but can't add any more layers.   Roll on the time when we can buy 'Touch up Texture' as promoted by Alyona Nickelsen - available in the USA but not yet in the UK (although Jackson's assure me they will stock it in the future).   Just a little more tooth would enable me to fix that mane which is such a mess right now.

  To 'complete' a cp drawing this quickly is quite unusual - approx 5 hours for 17" x 14" picture but another time I will use a more conventional HP watercolour paper I think.

Anyway, I've called a halt to this drawing but may use it as the base for a similar one done on a different paper in the future


Jan said...

Yaaaay! An animal painting and a horse at that! Really like this concept too!
Hadn't heard of the stuff to add more tooth but I could find it & send you some if you want.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan
You gave me the idea for doing 'something different' and perhaps a jigsaw theme so many thanks!!

I've really overworked this and its not good enough to enter a UKCPS competition but it certainly gave me some ideas and I will use it as a basis for a more detailed drawing in the future.

Its so frustrating reading about all the supports and drawing aids available to artists in the USA which just haven't made it across the pond yet.

We only have 'final' fixative here ... not workable fixative which can be used between layers of cps of pastel, and certainly we don't have all these 'add textures' products yet but I'm sure they'll reach us in the next 12 months or so once importers get the customs licences sorted out.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

haven't heard of the texture stuff before, looks interesting.

I tried ordering fixative awhile ago, never showed up. darn customs lol

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jennifer
I contacted Jacksons re. the 'add texture' stuff promoted by Alyona Nickelsen and they said they're definetly going to be stocking it but its taking a while to sort out the customs/legalities ... so watch this space.
The USA are so advance in terms of products for coloured pencil drawings ... can't wait to try some of the products once they actually reach our shores!

Peggy said...

Fun Playing! Really like it and love the expression on the horses face :)