Thursday, 4 August 2016


My last 'arty' update was some time ago now so I thought I'd show the last progress pics and the 'finished' article (finished, I think, but I may still do a little tweaking and I definitely need to think of a title).

This is coloured pencil (Polychromos) on Derwent HP watercolour paper and the image size is approx 16" x 12"

This is where I left off back in June and then we went to our house in the Canaries for a few weeks ...

We were very busy sorting out the garden etc., when we got back so I didn't get much artwork done but I took the drawing along to a meeting of the local Art Society one evening and managed to get a bit more colour added to his tunic (in between chatting, as you do).  I was making the tunic up as I went along as in the ref. photos he is wearing a blue shirt and showing some chest hair

Once I'd put down a few layers of colour I thought it looked too boring so used my battery powered eraser to lift some spots of colour and added some polka dots

 Inspired by some of the portraits we'd seen at the recent Regional UK CPS exhibition, David suggested I should put in a simple background ...... my pet hate (backgrounds)  but I thought I'd have a go and came up with this

BUT 'his lordship' then said ... 'I didn't mean anything as ornate as that - just a suggestion would do'

.... so I got the trusty BluTack out and spent twice as long lifting the colour as it took to apply

In reality the pictures aren't as grey as this - the background paper is white but I think I've had quite enough of this drawing for today so I'll call it (probably) finished and try to improve the colour/photos on a brighter day.


  1. Hmmm, trying to decide which background I like the best and think David is right in this case. The gentleman doesn't even need a background as he's 'WoW' by himself but the subdued arch does complement him and it's different for you.

  2. Thanks Jan .... I don't normally do backgrounds as you know, but I did a simple one for the 'Big Issue Seller' which I think enhanced him and David thought this man needed 'something extra'

    I'll leave it alone for a while now as I've got a commission to crack on with - despite saying I wasn't taking on commissions at the moment ... this is one I promised to do some time ago

    Then it'll be back to coloured pencil work again with an idea that's been kicking around in my brain for a while (with a bit of help from you)!!


  3. I actually thought the more noticeable background was good. But what do I know?He looks pretty good all round. The picture does look a mite dark but maybe that's the light etc.

  4. Just a hint of a background works :) It took was a bit distracting from his eyes before you lightened it

  5. This is absolutely amazing Sue! I love the looks like Velvet! The pattern is perfect! Just once I would love to be perched on your shoulder and see how you work!!!! I call it finished....❤️ Hilda


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