Saturday, 12 December 2015


Final highlights and whiskers added and I've heard back from my clients saying ...

"We absolutely love the picture, truly amazing"  so I've signed it and wrapped it .... another one under the belt.

Now another cat (tricky one this time).   I turned the commission down initially because the refs were extremely poor and the cat is deceased so no chance to take more pics.   Then my client came up with a better photo, albeit a small one.  I've agreed to do the portrait but I know I'll struggle a little with fine detail so must try to work a little bit looser.


  1. Well no hiccups on this one. Lovely. I would love to have pictures of some of my animals from the past. I did once paint a picture of my last cat. The cat part looked OK but the chair I painted her on was all wrong. Wonder what happened to that pic? Gotta be 50 years ago since I did it. She was a tortoiseshell.

  2. I didn't know you painted Jo? Another string to your bow LOL.

    David just commented that this picture looks a bit 'anaemic'for a black cat(bless him) but its what the client wants! Its from a favourite photo where the cat is relaxing in full sunshine so there is a lot of 'bleaching' of colours and bright highlights from the sun. I was prepared to darken it if needed .. but this is what they want.

  3. Not in years Sue. I thought about taking it up again. Maybe I could be like Grandma Moses.

  4. I knew nothing about Grandma Moses so just Googled her. Interesting she's known as a 'Primitive Art' painter because she had no formal art training ... same here really, unless you count O Level Art at school!

    Starting to paint at age 76 is amazing though!

  5. Well that makes me a year older than she was. I'll have to get myself some paints. I am surprised you didn't know about her.

    I guess that makes you a primitive artist too? I don't know if Mike had any formal training either.

  6. Sue, I just downloaded a free image enlarger software that works really well and better than most I've tried. It's called Reshade and while it's not perfect, you can enlarge quite a bit without losing much detail. Look at

    It's wonderful that Hiccup was accepted and is now finished so you can concentrate on the next portrait!

    And I guess I'm another Primitive Artist as I've had no formal training either. But I think it's the style more than the training that determines whether a painting is considered primitive or not. I think it's a style something like a child would paint or that of early races of people.

  7. Jo, we'd all love to see your paintings either past ones or anything you do now!

  8. nice finish :D and good luck with the next one :)

  9. A beautiful portrait Sue!! I can see why your client loves it.

  10. This is lovely Sue, I like the way you have concentrated the eye on the head and faded out the body. Not surprised they love it!


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