Tuesday, 8 December 2015


About this time of year it always seems that there is too much to do in the time available before Christmas doesn't it?  (or is it only me that feels this way)?

We got back from holiday last Wednesday and I immediately had to attend another endodontist appointment (2 hours in the chair for root canal treatment) and a meeting of the local Art Group I will be exhibiting with from tomorrow.

On Thursday it was Mum's 80th birthday so we took her out for a celebration meal.

In between I have finished the Black Cocker spaniel portrait - she was approved and has been despatched today.

I've been making some adjustments to the Springer Spaniel portrait as my client and her family wanted a few 'tweaks' to the fur colour.  Just awaiting approval of these changes so I can call it finished.

and I made a start on this black cat who has the delightful name of 'Hiccup' .... its a Christmas present and I'm working in pastel pencil on light grey pastelmat.  Size 16" x 12" 

Just working on the base colour at the moment and I'm trying to leave some of the whisker areas fairly clean of pastel to help me get nice white ones at the end (that's the idea anyway).

This was the final version of the cocker spaniel

Tomorrow David has a hospital check-up in the morning.  Once he's free we have to go to the Horsebridge Gallery in Whitstable to hang the pictures I'll be exhibiting with the 'Made in Whitstable' Group.  I haven't even decided which ones I'll be hanging yet ... so need to get my act together as I have to print off labels for the selected ones.    I then have another appointment at the endodontist (he only works on Wednesdays - nice job)! so no artwork tomorrow - back to the drawing board on Thursday.

Once the black cat is finished I need to start work on a Persian cat (memorial portrait intended as a birthday present for my client's wife shortly after Christmas) and a tabby/white cat which is a Christmas Gift but local to me so I don't have to worry too much about finishing it in time for the last post/delivery ...

I've also been asked to prepare an Artist Interview statement for Jackson's Art Supplies - the company from whom I received the fabulous box of coloured pencils as first prize in their recent competition.  I need to answer 10 questions they've asked me and sort out some photos to accompany the statement which will appear on their Blog.

I'm sure I'll get it all done in time, but feeling a little stressed this afternoon!


  1. Busy Busy bee - and lovely portraits 😊

  2. I think we all tend to bite off more than we can chew at the holidays! All the paintings look good and I'm really loving that cat.

  3. the spaniels eyes are gorgeous! so much life to them :D

    love the name Hiccup lol, and looking really good :)

    busy busy busy will need a few days off when you are done

  4. Thanks for commenting ladies .... well, we got everything done today (Weds) that was scheduled and now just sitting down to catch up on emails then its the 'dreaded' writing of Christmas cards saga. Think I need a large glass of wine before I tackle that task LOL.

  5. Hi Sue. I haven't been around much for the last couple of months. Missed seeing all your wonderful art. My mom and dad had some medical problems and needed taking care of. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Merry Christmas.

  6. Hi Jeanne. Lovely to hear from you. I hope things calm down a little for you soon and you can get back to 'normal' - whatever that is! I've also been very sporadic with Blog posts this year with lots of 'family' issues going on.

    Happy Christmas to you also, and hope 2016 is better for you. Look forward to seeing your artwork when you have time.


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