Friday, 28 March 2014

28/03: BURNING OF THE SARDINE. Corralejo 2014

The Burning of the Sardine marks the end of Carnival on the Canary Islands - I believe on mainland Spain they have 'burial' rather than a burning.   It took place on Sunday evening and we viewed the parade, the burning and the fireworks with friends before finishing the evening with a Tapas Meal in town.  It isn't such a grand affair as the main Parade which took place on Saturday evening but still great fun and the fireworks are spectacular

As always there is lots of crowd participation and the 'sardine' is paraded through town with lots of wailing 'widows' and mourners.   Here's a selection

Always one isn't there??   LOL

This was the sardine prior to being paraded through town and burnt on the beach.   In keeping with this year's carnival theme (Terror) the trolley/support has a vaguely spooky appearance

Photos never do justice to fireworks do they, but I like the effect of this one as the picture was taken without benefit of a tripod (or steady hand)

So that's all over for another year .... but Fuerteventura folk love to party and I believe there is just one (or maybe two) months of the year that doesn't feature a festival or parade or similar here.

We are now back in England and getting back into a routine.   I plan to be back at the drawing board soon


hmuxo said...

What beautiful photos, Sue! It sounds like you had an incredible time! So many wonderful reference pictures !

Studio at the Farm said...

What an elaborate affaire!!! Thank you for the wonderful photo, Sue!

Jo said...

That first firework pic is quite something isn't it? Sounds like it was all fun. Why widows and mourners? Are they supposed to be mourning the sardine?

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jo.
Yes they are mourning the sardine which is to be burnt or buried. Its the revival of an old custom which used to happen on Ash Wednesday to mark the end of Carnival (and all its excesses) and in readiness for fasting/Lent.
Nowadays its just another excuse to party of course!

Jan said...

"So that's all over for another year .... but Fuerteventura folk love to party"

Your statement above wouldn't apply to you and David too, would it? LOL

Great pics!

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan
We love to go and watch the processions but we don't join in the all-night celebrations/dances afterwards LOL
Our neighbours had friends from the UK visiting for a few days. On Sunday morning they walked the visitors to the bus stop en route to the airport. They said the bus was full of 'zombie' characters. The 8am bus was the first out to leave Corralejo so the revellers from other towns/villages who were partying till 6am were all on board looking the worse for wear