Saturday, 22 March 2014


Its been a fortnight since my last post ... how time flies when you're having fun!    Sadly our travel computer (Christine) is struggling to cope just now.   When back home in England David will take her back to factory settings as he can't work out why she is running so slowly. 

That's the main reason I haven't been posting or even commenting on other Blog posts - just too frustrating as we're almost back to 'dial up' speeds for some reason.

Anyway, we have been doing lots of walking in the sunshine and taking photos most days - nothing overly exciting, mainly wildlife and birds.    The main two carnival events take place this weekend so I'll get lots more pics then.  Tonight is the big procession with floats - the theme is terror so lots of folks dressed to scare tonight.   The procession lasts for about 3 hours and then its dancing till dawn for those who are so inclined.      Tomorrow is the burning of the sardine parade followed by fireworks on the town beach.

There seem to be a lot more egrets here than usual at the moment and they fascinate me.  They are such elegant looking birds but have 'funny' feet - huge yellow ones that look quite clownish

I think I've been spotted

This one was having a 'bad hair' day - trying to groom itself on a very windy part of the beach

We haven't seen as many whimbrels as usual this time .... but this one was having a very successful hunting trip ... just look at the size of the crabs he's catching

small wonder he needed a rest after that huge meal

other birds take the easy option .... a local restaurant chef cleans his fish in salt water pools by the harbour and the seagulls appear from nowhere and pounce immediately!   How do they know when the time is right ... they must have wonderful communication skills

and I took this photo simply because it looked to me as though the pigeon had been sh*t on from a great height .... tables turned   LOL

OK    I have so many photos but have exhausted my patience this morning - so next post may well be once we're back in England on Thursday.

Our 'liquid lunch' by the harbour yesterday - Cheers!

and the view of Lobos island from the beach path near our house ... I never tire of this one


  1. Great pix Sue. We used to see lots of egrets in North Carolina, such pretty birds.

  2. Now if I could just avoid the headaches, the liquid lunch idea sounds fabulous! Love the picture of the bird with a crab in his beak. Do you see the small nautilus type of shell to his right on top of the rock? Your photos are gorgeous and I am so glad you are having a grand time!

  3. great pics; great place :)Good luck with the computer !

  4. Love the bad hair day bird. Sorry to hear Christine is poorly perhaps she needs an antivirus pill. Enjoy the rest of your stay

  5. These pictures are all amazing, Sue. You're a wonderful photographer...perfect action shots on these birds! keep them coming!!

  6. Lovely photos, Sue! The wine glasses would make a great painting and so would the birds!

  7. ack! dial up :p
    hopefully the computer gets fixed so it works better

    love the bird photos :) love drawing egrets, such pretty birds

    the pigeon looks like its missing half a toe as well as being popped on o.0 :p


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