Monday, 30 April 2012


Not more bl**dy tulips!!

That was David's reaction upon turning a corner in the Keukenhof Gardens (Holland) last week and finding yet another stunning display of colourful bulbs stretching into the distance.

The Spring Gardens are wonderful but the sheer scale of the place is slightly overwhelming and although we both love pretty spring flowers we were getting bored after 2 hours.   Photos really don't do justice to the gardens (or the bulb fields surrounding the gardens).   We decided that the best way to view this spectacle would be from the air - it would be an amazing sight from small plane or helicopter (perhaps there's an idea for a business there)?

Unfortunately we weren't able to see some of the indoor displays as they were being rebuilt.

The Gardens only open for 8 weeks each year and so get absolutely packed with visitors from around the world.  Too many people for my liking I'm afraid!

Here are a few pictures which give an idea:

You can see from this photo just how crowded some of the walkways were ... not my idea of fun really

I tried to get some close up photos - just in case I get the urge to try my hand at a 'still life'  :-)

Now by this stage I guess you'll all be in total sympathy with David and groaning ... not another bl**dy etc etc .. so I'll call a halt here - but there may be more tomorrow :-)


Doreen Cross said...

OMG more bloody tulips. hahahaha none the less they look fabulous.
I guess flowers are a female thing.
Not that I get too many.. LOL maybe it'a an age thing.

sue said...

They were quite stunning Dors ... but there were so many people milling round it was impossible to get good panaramic photos. I think most visitors are keen gardners though and were happy to take close ups of their favourite varieties.

We were lucky enough to get a couple of hours of warm sunshine (apparently quite unusual) so the perfume from the hyancinth beds/fields was amazing.

Bev said...

Hmmm, tend to agree with your hubby Sue...altogether too much and I do loathe 'park planting'. Way too regimented with each plant exactly spaced from its neighbour. I prefer a more wild and natural look and tulips, although very beautiful, I think the 'less is more' saying fits perfectly.

sue said...

I agree Bev - this wasn't really my 'taste' but a place I've wanted to visit for some time. Now I've done it!
We're sowing wildflower seeds all round our garden at home, randomly, so looking forward to an interesting display this year and next and, of course, lots of bees and pollinating insects as they are in decline.

Jan said...

Wow, Sue, I'm with you and David when it comes to crowds but I do love flowers and there certainly are a plethora of them! I have to agree with getting closeups of the prettier/favorite ones!

hmuxo said...

Wow!! Lots of flowers here, Sue! But I do love the closeups...definitely a future painting! Thanks for sharing these photos...

Teresa said...

LOL! I can sympathize with the hubby's views - and yours about too many people - but the flowers really are beautiful! Personally, I'd find a quiet walk in the woods among wildflowers more refreshing....

Have a good week.... and was so glad you visited my blog.... nice to hear from you again!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

colour overload! lol

Chrissy said...

They look gorgeous, lovely photo's and a great sight after all the dreary weather :)