Saturday, 28 April 2012


That well known saying is very appropriate for the filthy weather we've had here in Kent for a couple of days (and forecast to last tomorrow also) .... wind, non-stop rain and low temperatures YUK!

I photographed this wonderful duck family at the Zoo in Antwerp a couple of days ago.   The ducklings were very tame and very, very cute.  Proud Mum and Dad were very happy for me to stop and talk to their little ones and Mum joined in the conversation quite noisily herself

Mum, Dad and a few of the ducklings

The little ones ...

The family wondered off, but Mum stayed behind to 'quack' a few jokes  .......  oh dear, sorry :-)

Right this was just a quick post as we're off to a birthday bash being held at the Hotel on the nearby Tankerton seafront.   We'd originally planned to walk there and back (only 15 mins walk each way) but the weather is so dreadful, I've volunteered to drive so David can enjoy a drink.   Fizzy water for me then :-(


Jan/ said...

Cute ducks! Sorry for your bad weather. Ours has been up and down for the past few weeks after such a warm winter. Hope you had a good time at your birthday bash and that your weather improves soon!

sue said...

Thanks Jan.
The sun is shining today (30th) so hoping we're in for some warmer days now. The garden is very lush and green now but could do with drying out a little.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

awww :D they are so cute :D

sue said...

Thanks Jennifer
Aren't they just :-)