Friday, 10 March 2017


We were out yesterday visiting friends and family and also test-driving a new car ....

Yes,  its that time of year again when hubby gets a bee in his bonnet about changing the car.     Although he is (was) a chartered accountant and knows it doesn't make financial sense to change the car every two years its the one thing he has alway done.  He is a bit of a' petrol head' whereas I think of cars as nasty contraptions that are necessary to get you from A to B but I'm not really bothered about the model or the age (so long as it is reliable and comfortable)!

The two cars test-driven on Tuesday and yesterday were both crossed off the list for various reasons and I'm bored with car-showrooms/salesmen so I let him go out alone today to drive a Mercedes he'd had his eye on.      Apparently it has ticked 99% of the boxes on his checklist so looks as though the deal is done

Having him out of the house left me free to get back to work on the gull pictures ... but I couldn't settle and kept finding things to sidetrack me.   So I haven't got as far as I'd have liked today.    3 are now finished and one is halfway there

I've just laid a simple double mount over the top of each to show how they will look.   The idea is to put each into a very plain black frame (unless I find something I like better in the 'cheap' price range as I'm hoping to produce more of these and offer them at fairly low prices when exhibiting at the local Whitstable Gallery over the Easter week.   

As I live in a seaside town I'm hoping gulls might prove a popular subject - fingers crossed!

As I mentioned in the previous post, these are all done in pastel on Fisher 400 paper which is a golden coloured sandpaper.


Jan said...

These are sure to be popular! Great job on all of them!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love these!! :D

I'm not a car person, as long as it goes that is all I care about lol I don't even know how to drive, ok I was starting to learn before I messed my arm up but I had no desire to learn when younger

Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous gulls, Sue!!!

Jo said...

Me too about cars. We have one which is very old, but still keeps on running.

I love those seagull pictures, but I wonder if people in Whitstable will be interested as, in my experience, gulls can be a damned nuisance. I should do a few puppy dog types as well if I were you.