Monday, 3 October 2016

Mini Wire Haired Dachshund ... WIP II

I think I have to call a halt to this now until my client can visit and comment on the hair/fur colour.   In each picture the dog's coat looks different - I believe this is fairly accurate but will leave it to my client to decide

I think she has only met the dog once though .. and she can't recall its name so ... fingers crossed ... I can get some guidance and then I can finish the portrait and move on.

Oh .. and also need to know if a (very simple) background colour is required.   

Pastels on Fisher 400 sanded paper


Jan said...

You are certainly quick with this one and he's really looking good. Hope the colors are right - I can't help as I've never seen a Dachshund that color before. And don't even ask about a background - I so hate having to come up with them. However, depending on how the dog finishes up, you may need a simple one to make his stand out.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

so fluffy :)

hmm maybe a very subtle background colour to make him stand out a bit more when done?

hopefully she can remember after only seeing the dog once or maybe ask someone who has seen the dog more

Bev said...

Such a sweet expression Sue. I would do a simple blurry background, but only because I (and this is just me) don't like the look of Fisher as it is, I always think it needs something to finish it off.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks ladies ... sorry, been to France this afternoon stocking up on 'essentials' - mainly wine but also some lovely cheeses and pates and vegetables. French vegetables always seem so much nicer than our own and I bought loads of celery which is about 18 long and has all its greenery intact (makes wonderful soup).

Anyway, I agree about the blurry background but am just waiting to see what my client thinks about the colouring so far before I make any changes or add anything more. she's popping round tomorrow afternoon so will be able to crack on with the portrait after that.