Thursday, 2 June 2016


Well what a damp squib June is starting out as ... who coined the phrase 'flaming June' anyway ... wet, cold, windy and miserable just about sums it up in Whitstable.

Anyway, apologies yet again for the big gap between posts ... and it will get worse.     We're off to Fuerteventura again next week for a month where we'll be meeting up with friends and family.    We'll be having some decorating work done at home whilst away and family members house-sitting for us.

I don't think we've spent more than 9 weeks in England since the beginning of the year.   Even David says we've booked too many trips/events - and mostly it was him booking them!   Looking forward to a more sedate second half to the year.

This afternoon I started a coloured pencil work of a lovely Indian man.   Unusually for me I didn't start by drawing his eyes but went straight to the folds in his turban and its been quite relaxing/therapeutic just working on those for an hour or so.   

I'm working with Polychromos (oil based) coloured pencils on Derwent watercolour paper.    The paper isn't my favourite support and I struggled with 'Sax on the Beach' using this paper, but I have quite a lot of it and hate waste ... so I'm persevering!

Its VERY early days yet but here's where I got to this afternoon.   I'll probably work on the other half of the turban tomorrow and then accentuate the light/shadow sections as a whole.    I'll save the face/eyes till back home from Fuerte

This picture is A3 sized and, as previously mentioned, its Polychromos on Derwent watercolour paper which is white (despite the grey cast to the photo)

The kitchen towel is there to stop grease from my skin attaching to the paper.

That's it for today, although I've just noticed that the panel on the right side of my Blog is VERY out of date and I haven't posted anything from 2016 ... its on the 'to do' list. 

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  1. Well it certainly looks like cloth Sue. I will be interested to see the rest of the picture when you get back to it. Lucky you spending a month in Fuerte, enjoy yourselves. We haven't been anywhere in a very long time now. See you when you get back.


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