Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I'm enjoying getting back to basics with Graphite Pencils ... not having to worry about colours for this one.    I'm not sure how old the postcard is but the young man in the photo is my client's Grandfather and I'd guess my client is mid/late 50s so its probably 80+ years old.

But I have got my work cut out trying to see detail in this postcard - the photo is 3" x 4½" and quite faded.  I've scanned the card and brightened the scan which has helped a little.  Anyway, I'm having fun and this is where I've got to after a couple of sessions.  I've left out the contents of the cart as I felt that 'unbalanced' the drawing a little

Size is approx 12" x 8" and still lots of detail to be added 


  1. difficult photo to work from, you are doing really well with it :D

  2. Looking good Sue. It is difficult to work with. Hope all good with you guys.

  3. Thanks ladies ... its very different from the sort of commissions I normally undertake and a bit of a challenge, but I'm enjoying it so far.

    Yep, we're fine thanks Jo. We had a lovely time at our home on Fuerteventura then came straight back for my dreaded dental treatment. Extractions and jawbone augmentation done - The stitches come out on Monday and then I wait 6-7 months before the next stage (implants).... so a bit bruised/sore but doing OK

  4. Boy, you weren't joking about the photo being bad, were you. Amazing job with what you have to work with. And you've really gotten a good start on it!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity to work with this old photo. Beautiful work, Sue!!


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