Thursday, 5 November 2015

05/11: REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER, Gunpowder Treason & Plot

Well, Bonfire Night is going to be a bit of a 'damp squib' , here in Kent it is 'peeing down' with rain so I guess most families will postpone fireworks till the weekend where the forecast is for light rain in the daytime but drying out for the evenings .... I hate fireworks anyway (except for the special ones at organised events)

Its been a struggle to see well enough for detailed work today but I've put the black Cocker Spaniel to one side for now.   My client doesn't use a computer so I've got to work out how to send a progress picture to his phone to find out if he's happy with the portrait or wants any changes made.   I'm a dinosaur and have a very old, basic mobile phone - pay as you go for emergency use only.   I don't have data/internet on it.    Hoping hubby can send the picture via his phone when he comes home later today.

I've made a start on the next dog.   This is a memorial commission as the dog passed away recently at the great age of 16 so she's left a large hole in the family's life:

Pastel on Grey pastelmat.    As usual, apologies for the poor photo as it was taken in artificial light


  1. raining here off and on too which is great since that means less fireworks and one less stressed out dog. yes, make guns illegal but sell explosives to people :p*shakes head*

    really nice colour to those eyes :)

  2. She's beautiful - I just love the look in her eyes. Looking forward to progress posts on this!

    You sound like my DH about the phone - he has a cell phone that most people laugh at it's so old!

  3. Think you sent the rain here Sue. Started at night and was coming down in buckets this morning. Sunny this aft though.


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