Wednesday, 28 October 2015

28/10: LATE ..... AGAIN!!!

Most of my posts seem to start with an apology for absences but I really don't where the time goes ...  the good intentions are there but life always gets in the way

Since my last post we've been blessed with some wonderful warm Autumn weather so it would have been rude not to have spent time in the garden doing some (final)? tidying up before the Winter, and planting out the bulbs that we bought so enthusiastically a few weeks ago ... now they are all in pots and, hopefully, we'll have a brilliant Spring display

We've also had a visit from Daughter and family so have been playing childrens' games and walking along the beach throwing stones into the sea ... simple pleasures!

Today the weather changed and we've had lots of rain and grey skies.  

Change of plan .... I've started on the Black/white Cocker Spaniel first.    No particular reason for the change of plan,  the cat will probably be next although I've also agreed to do a 'memorial' portrait of a beautiful red & white Welsh Springer Spaniel - all will be portrayed in pastel and before Christmas.   That will be the last of my commissioned work this year as I've got two exhibitions before the end of the year and I really ought to be working on pictures for exhibitions in 2016.

This is Day 1 of work on the Black/White Cocker Spaniel.   It is intended as a surprise Xmas present but my client doesn't use the computer very much so I'm OK to show progress here:

As usual, I started with the eyes as I really don't like staring at empty sockets ... and I'm gradually adding base colours of blue/grey/red so that the black tones don't look flat when finished.   Simply using black pastel will make the portrait very dull at the end.

This is pastel pencil on light grey pastelmat paper


  1. Lovely start, Sue and know it will be a spectacular finish.

  2. lovely eyes :) I can't start a portrait with out doing the eyes first either. the animal looks too much like a zombie without eyes :p

  3. The eyes are wonderful too. Dunno how you do it, but then I can't draw worth a damn. Playing Pictionary with Mike and his kids, our pictures are all dreadful and in a few lines, Mike can draw what he wants. Oh the talent you artists possess.

  4. Looking good, Sue! The eyes are exquisite!!!

  5. Just look at that gorgeous face.

  6. Thank you ladies. I had the pleasure of meeting this dog last week as her 'dad' doesn't use the computer so he drove her to my house so I could photograph her. She's a 'mature' dog but full of the joys .... bit wriggly when posing for photos but I got there in the end!

    Its funny about the 'eye' thing isn't it Jennifer? I know the 'rules' say you really should start top left and work down/right when using pastels if you're left handed, but I much prefer to get the eyes right, even though they'll need minor tweaking later, then 'flitting' around bits that take my interest. Rules are definitely made to be broken!


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