Tuesday, 31 December 2013


This will be a short post .. just wanted to wish all my efriends a Happy New Year and good health/happiness for 2014.     We've been working at our voluntary jobs today (Pilgrims Hospice) and tonight we're celebrating quietly at home .. well that was the idea.

I thought I'd make a nice tapas/Spanish style meal ... garlicky mushrooms in wine/olive oil, Patatas Bravas (fried/baked potato pieces in spicy/fiery sauce), little peppers stuffed with goats cheese, baked goats cheese in spicy breadcrumbs, chorizo etc ...

but I put the breadcrumbs in the oven to crisp and before I knew it the house filled with smoke and the fire alarms were shrieking.      Its unbelieveable how quickly burnt bread can fill the house with a grey smelly fog isn't it!!    Our house has a sprinkler system throughout.  Because we live up a narrow winding drive it isn't possible to get a fire engine to our house so we have to have our own fire protection system.   I know that the sprinkler system operates on heat, rather than smoke, but its a real heart in mouth moment till we can stop the fire alarms shrieking and the smoke starts to drift away ..... we've been very lucky in the recent storms not to have been flooded ... the last thing I need is to have the sprinklers soaking everything indoors!

Whilst the doors/windows were open, poor David was complaining that he was cold, then the fireworks started ... outdoors, not indoors!     its only 7pm but already Whitstable folk are sending up rockets and they are very loud.    Fingers crossed that the meal will taste good - its been very labour intensive!     Cheese sandwiches next year methinks!

Anyway,  what an end to 2013.         Looking forward to 2014 now.

See you all in the New Year


  1. Glad it wasn't a serious fire though. Tapas sounds great, used to love those. Well guess I still do. We used to go on tapas runs.

    For us supper is just leftover London Broil didn't really think of doing anything special. Staying at home to drink some bubbly at midnight.

    Happy New Year.

  2. OMG so glad your sprinklers didn't set off. Hope the meal was worth it and that you were able to relax and enjoy. a couple of chardies i'm sure fixed that. LOL.
    Happy New Year to you both.
    Hope it's a great year for you. xx

  3. Hi Jo and Dors
    Thankfully all went well and the meal was delicious - house still a bit smelly though .... burnt toast smell!!
    Happy New Year to you both. Catch up in 2014.

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family, Sue. I do so hate when the house fills with smoke from the oven. Not a pleasant smell and the eyes hurt too. We had that happen at Thanksgiving here. Your dinner sounds yummy!

  5. Oh, my, Sue! Hope your dinner turned out well anyway and that the new year will be a very good one for you and David.

  6. happy new year to you both :)

    glad there wasnt a flood or fire!

  7. Thank you Sherry, Jan and Jennifer. The meal was very good (even if I say so myself) but the smell of burnt bread lingered in the house for a couple of days ....

    Happy New Year to you all


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