Thursday, 10 May 2012


A fairly well kept secret here in Kent is the presence of the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (big cat sanctuary). It isn't open to the general public except for bespoke photography or art days - the fees from which help the charity's work. I was lucky enough to attend a Vic Bearcroft 'pastel day' four  years ago and got the opportunity to take some wonderful reference photos and learn about the big cats and the centre's conservation work.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a well kept secret and I wonder how many of the 'fun seekers' at nearby Headcorn Airport are aware that when they are taking their 'FLY DAYS' microlighting/skydiving/gliding experiences they'd be potential meals if they happened to come down in the wrong place ... some of the cats enclosures have very high fences but no roof!! ... just a thought :-)

Anyway, earlier this year I noticed the Foundation was appealing for donations to help them  bring a pair of white lionesses from South Africa to widen the global gene pool of white lions. They needed funds to pay for transportation and vets bills (to ensure the lionesses remained in good health during the trip). The lionesses will form a pride with the centre's resident male white lion, Themba. White lions are nearly extinct in the wild (just 5 known) so its vitally important to increase numbers and hopefully eventually release some back into their natural environment in S Africa.

I was happy to see this article on the BBC website today showing that they successfully raised the funds and transported the lionesses to the centre.

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Now .... can I convince David that I need to spend another day at the Foundation to get even more ref pictures.   I note the cost has increased to approx £150 - but that is for a fairly full day with tuition from professional photographers and guarantee of getting 'up close' with these magnificent cats.

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Jan/ said...

The link worked just fine, Sue. Your wildlife refuge looks so neat and clean and I'm sure the new lionesses will be well cared for. I really hope David agrees to a photo shoot there soon!