Friday, 11 March 2011


On Wednesday afternoon I got the opportunity to meet 'Fluffy's Mum' when she was driven to our house by husband Terry to collect the portrait which he had commissioned as a surprise birthday present.

Terry wanted the portrait to be presented as part of a week long birthday celebration which he has organised.   He was very good at keeping the portrait a secret and poor Alexandra was quite bewildered to be driven to a house in Whitstable, told to brush her hair before leaving the car and then being introduced to a total stranger!

Terry had also arranged to have a beautiful oak frame made which complemented the picture beautifully and matched their furniture at home - what a very organised hubby!!

Here's a photo - I do wish I'd have taken it in a tidier area of the house - please ignore the background which is the 'odds & sods' area of my workroom.   If I was more au fait with photo manipulation packages I could probably remove the offending bits ..... but this is real life!

Cheers Alexandra .... I hope you had a wonderful week!



Sunny said...

What a thoughtful husband! Fluffy's portrait is wonderful, what a lovely surprise, indeed.
☼ Sunny

sue said...

Thank you Sunny

My commissions are normally despatched via mail/courier so it was lovely to meet Terry and Alexandra 'in the flesh'

Hope the snow has disappeared in your part of the World now :o)

Dors said...

Now that's what a call a surprise. Good man Terry.

Great job on Fluffy's Portrait Sue.
It must be so nice to see the clients face when they receive your artwork. I haven't had that happen yet. I just get to ship them overseas mostly.

Lovely photo.

K. T. Sparks said...

What a wonderful gift and such a great suprise! Can't some husbands be just the most spectaculair planners and gift givers! Fluffy looks absolutely beautiful Sue!

Jan said...

Way to go, Terry! What a special husband you must be! And belated Happy Birthday to Alexandra. Sue, Fluffy looks wonderful and I'm sure Alexandra was especially pleased with this gift.

PS - no one would have paid any attention to your background if you hadn't said anything!

Kendra said...

The portrait looks wonderful Fluffy's mom must be so happy. I like the celebratory glasses of champagne!

hmuxo said...

What a wonderful did a wonderful job on Fluffy. I'm sure she was pleased with the painting. Also, I wanted to thank you for your sympathy on my Dad's passing. You're so thoughtful.

Angela Finney said...

A very beautiful well done portrait, Sue. Don't see anything amisss in the background! I sure do ditto the comment about such a thoughtful husband.

Mary ♥ Mur said...

♥Love your blog♥

sue said...

Thanks ladies :o)

Sorry ... haven't been able to Blog/use computer for a few weeks so I'm a bit late responding

Keith said...

I could just go for a game of Scrabble right now.