Saturday, 14 August 2010


I got home from a (really good) visit with Richard in hospital this afternoon to find a letter confirming that I've had three pictures accepted for hanging at the 9th UKCPS Annual Open Exhibition at Stamford  in September.   106 pictures have been accepted from 66 UK coloured pencil artists and 6 Overseas artists.

Now I'm panicking as I have to find the pictures, dust them off (!!) and arrange their framing and despatch.  But it was good news and I'm really 'chuffed' as I will now have achieved 'Signature Status' the criteria for which is having works accepted at 3 UKCPS Open Exhibition within 5 years (I've made it in 4 years)!

I haven't heard yet whether I have been accepted as a full member of Society of Feline Artists .... but if I don't make it this year I'll just try again in 2011 ....

No artwork this weekend - Mother-in-Law is 92 on Monday so I'm hosting the family get-together here tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for good weather as I'd really like for us to be able to sit outside in the garden.

I've nearly finished the current portrait and will be starting on a double human portrait next week (wedding gift for October) so again, I won't be able to show WIP pics.


Janet Pantry said...

Many congratulations Sue - three pics accepted, you must be chuffed! Weren't there 106 pics accepted, or did I read that wrong? And best of luck with SOFA too ;) Weather's not looking good for your m-in-law's 'do' tomorrow...but enjoy it anyway :)

pett paintings said...

Whoop whoop!!brilliant news Sue:-) hopefully these things run in threes and the SOFA news will be just as positive xx
Enjoy your family gathering;-)

Well Done!

sue said...

Janet ... you're right of course (we were rushing to get ready to join friends for a night out and I mistyped the number ... I've changed it from 160 to 106)!!!

Still not sure about the weather, we've had hardly any rain here but just 10 miles away they've had up to 6" and homes/businesses have been flooded. We have our own little eco-climate I think!

Thanks Kay .... If you're right and it runs in threes it will really be the 'year of the cat' as the UKCPS acceptances are 2 x tiger pics and 1 Meerkat.

K. T. Sparks said...

Congratulations Sue for the 3 to be shown! It is so hard to get into some of these events and great job. Have a great time at the birthday party and Happy Birthday to the birthday girl and many more to come!

Jan said...

Oh, WOW! Congratulations! I'm so glad for you! I'm doin' the happy dance all over the studio!

I'm sure you'll be accepted into SOFA too.

Happy birthday to your MIL too!

Keith said...

Congratulations. Always a great feeling, your work going off and having a life separate from you, being seen by people in a gallery environment.

Do you get to choose how they hang, or is it a case of handing them over, then the fun of searching for them.

Well done.

Laura Barber-Riley said...

Congratulations Sue, brilliant news!

sue said...

Thanks everybody.

No I don't get a say in how/where they are hung.

For those of us who can't make it to the gallery on acceptance day (13 September) one of the organisers has kindly volunteered to accept entries by courier/post up to 8 September and she will transport them all to the gallery in time to be hung for the private view.

If the BAA strike is called off, we should be taking a holiday on 29th August - then when we get home we will be visiting Richard more frequently as his Mum will then take a holiday (we have a visiting rota) so I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to Stamford to view the exhibition this year ... its a long way to go and we'd have to stop overnight.

Chrissy said...

Congratulations Sue, it is one heck of an achievement :) As K.T says it is very hard to get into some of these events, I know cos I have failed, lol....and I can laugh now.
I wish you lots of luck with SOFA too.

Really good to hear you had a good visit with Richard too, small steps and all that :D

sue said...

Thanks Chrissy.
Richard is taking short walks without a frame now - amazing how far he has come in 17 weeks (5 of those spent in a coma). He has a long way to go still ... but its all very positive.

I'm pleased to say I have mounts and frames at home to fit two of the pictures (that'll save some cash) and I'm taking the third one to my lovely framer guy this afternoon as its a non-standard size so I need him to sort me out!!

I usually try to ensure my pictures are drawn to sizes that I can buy off the shelf mounts/frames for, but my 'daydreaming tiger' was a piece I intended to bin ... then reworked and cropped it ... so it has 'strange dimensions' :o)

Teresa said...

Congratulations, Sue, that's wonderful! And not at all surprising considering the beauty and quality of your work.... it's an honor you definitely deserve.

sue said...

Thanks so much Teresa ... I really didn't hold out much hope this year and one picture, in particular, was within an inch of being thrown away earlier this year ... just goes to show!!

I'm very pleased - unfortunately I won't be able to visit the exhibition this year as its just too far to travel.