Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I fully intended to make an early start on the poodle this morning (stage II) but got sidetracked by email messages ..... here it is, 11am and I've got no further than staring at my easel with the ref picture and my portrait to date - not that its a bad thing to take a step back and just compare from a distance (squinting helps I find)!!

I've dealt with all the emails now so NO EXCUSES ... I'll turn Outlook Express off for now so I won't be tempted to look at them as they arrive. So much junk these days.

One thing I've been very pleased to do though is to donate a Gift Voucher as a prize for one of the winners at a Charity Dog show being organised to raise funds for a very worthy cause. I was approached by one of the organisers to see whether I wanted to take a stand at the show but as its in Sussex it is just a little too far away for me. Check out the site to see what a great job this charity does.
The date of the dog show is actually 20th June 2010 (my birthday co-incidentally) but they have started organising it already and it will be pretty big by all accounts with radio and media coverage.


Jan said...

I know just what you mean about getting distracted when you're supposed to be working! I'm in the same boat but am pushing myself to get it done.

I'm also working on some ideas for my Zazzle shop - too much to do, too many ideas and just not enough time!

Can't wait to see your commissions materialize!

sue said...

Thanks Jan
It doesn't help that I've got myself bogged down with this poodle from bad refs. I need to finish it soon and move on.
I will have a look at your Zazzle shop (but not now ... I must draw)!!